December 28, 2010

The Keyboard Makes Us Brave

I hope you are getting some rest away from the busy. The Holidays brought some much needed downtime around here but also much needed reflection.

It appears that not everyone is taking a long vacation. Mitch Joel and Chris Brogan have more on that topic. I have had some work to do but I've also been reflecting on the number one question posed to me which is - “what do you do?”

If you ask my clients, you will get a myriad of answers. Ultimately, the best compliment is that I helped someone with what was best for them and I did not haul out a social media instant scratch n' win strategy they will never sustain.

Inside The Box

But some put me in the social media box and like any box others enjoy kicking it down the stairs. This is not a whine but an illustration of how we have a penchant to define each other. I need to know what you do in one quick sentence. Hurry, the elevator is reaching the lobby!

If you are familiar with the analogy of crabs in a bucket, as soon as it appears one of the crabs is about to climb out of the bucket to freedom and perhaps a better life, the others pull it back down. We support each other when we’re struggling then pull each other back when it appears one of us may be enjoying some success.

Not So Fast.

So if you wonder what the heck I do (and it constantly evolves), you can read more about it here or here. But who cares what I did and who cares what you did. It's about what we're going to do and getting to it.

The best way for us crabs to get out of the bucket is to focus our energy on teamwork.

The social web has given some the opportunity to craft a good story with or without evidence of acumen or experience. And it has created an atmosphere where we need to put on a brave face even if we’re constantly evolving what the heck we do.

Perhaps in 2011, we can share more case studies and stories from the trenches to help each other do what we do better.

It is easy to type thoughts on a keyboard. It is simple to live in theory, take shots and publish them on a website. It's more difficult to grow a pair and stand in front of a business owner and offer to help.

Which will you choose?

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