April 1, 2011

Not Everyone Loves Social Media

Here We Are Now. Entertain Us.

If you spend time on any of the online social channels, you know there are myriad choices. You can visit one of the larger aggregated sites such as QQ, LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Flickr and more. There are consumer review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and Flixster.

You can join social bookmarking spaces like StumbleUpon, Mixx and Digg. Create a profile on special interest channels such as Patients Like Me, SocialVibe and Crowdrise. Or you can generate your own social network depending on your interests.

Hands on the Wheel

One of my concerns is when a company hires a social media director and is unsure why they are in the space or how it will tie into the overall strategic plan. So they give it to someone as part of their gig or create a junior position and give it to that funky kid with the Mac who has a lot of followers. This is dangerous.

Hire new talent but ensure they know what you want as a business. Asking someone to curate your digital voice should be done with great care. And a digital engagement policy - even if it's a few sentences - is wise strategy.

Living by Numbers

There are over half a billion profiles on Facebook, Twitter is approaching 250 million, more than 100 million of us are on LinkedIn, over 75 billion annual downloads on YouTube, mobile is exploding  and the list goes on.

We want to connect, we want it to be convenient and we want it just to work. We are reading blogs, listening to podcasts, exchanging ideas through our websites and telecommunications technology, we are wired up. But do we represent everyone?

Less Than a Third

Approximately 28% of the world’s population is online. And even if every single one of us with an Internet connection also had at least one social networking profile (which is not true) there are still over two thirds of the planet are not on these channels. Not everyone is glued to hashtags and topic trends. We must be patient with each other.

A friend was commiserating this week about all the paper forms she had to fill out for some program her son was doing at school and that is proof that we are not all wired up, mobile and digital. These are still early days and without contribution, we can't really expect results.

Why do you like social media?

Kneale Mann

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