November 25, 2012

One in Five

If you are in a leadership role and someone informs you they are sick, you understand. But what do you do if they tell you they need time to deal with something other than a physical ailment? One fifth of the population suffers from some form of mental illness which means you have a better chance of suffering from depression, anxiety, fear, or a host of other ailments than most other diseases.

As leaders, we must understand there is far more going on with our teams than a missed deadline or a sick day. Leadership is a big responsibility which requires fairness and compassion. We’re not working with robots that deliver with precision. These are people like us who have feelings and doubts and fears like us.

Amber Naslund is a consultant, writer, speaker, and media maker. She is real, smart, personable, and full of life. She shared her thoughts about mental health during her recent TEDxTalk. You should watch this.

Kneale Mann

TEDx | Amber Naslund
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