June 26, 2008

Think Big

I don’t check history sites very often, but I thought I’d do it today...

June 26, 1819 WK Clarkson patented the first bicycle. Mine collecting dust in the garage is probably not a good plan.

The St. Lawrence Seaway was opened in 1959. It connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic. Without trade routes, economies don’t move. Way cool.

John F. Kennedy gave his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in Berlin, mere months before he was killed in 1963. It’s interesting to watch the first few rounds in the McCain vs. Obama boxing match. This race will be nothing if not interesting …and expensive …and distracting.

The world’s tallest free-standing structure was opened in Toronto. The CN Tower is 32 today. It’s like being in a low flying aircraft overlooking the city. If you haven’t been, it’s worth the 58 second elevator ride – strap in!

I’m a race fan and a car freak so this is cool, the first Grand Prix race was held in Le Mans, France 82 years ago today. Ah yes, Sunday morning with a fresh cup in my hand watching a race. It’s almost spiritual.

And this is beyond words I possess. On June 26th, 2000 – the first map of the Human Genome was completed. Check this out – they had to decode more than three BILLION biochemical letters of human DNA. Holy crap! I can’t decode my phone bill most months.

When you feel overwhelmed, or self-doubtful, or left wondering if your ideas are too big or far fetched. A black man may be the next President, a structure was built three decades ago which stands 1815.39ft. in the air, we have created a waterway where there wasn’t one before, and we now have MapQuest for our genetic code.

It’s 8 O’clock already. Where did the day go??


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