December 29, 2014

TED 2014 – Year in Review

Invest 8 minutes and watch this.

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December 26, 2014

2014 – Year in Reflection

Ideas shared. Friends reunited. Challenges beaten. Dreams sought. Jobs lost.
Opportunities found. Laughs enjoyed. Money earned. Chances missed.

Surprises given. Love lost. Adventures embarked. Doors opened. Balance restored.
Joy experienced. Collaboration realized. Freedom relished. Fulfillment renewed.

Sadness endured. Families respected. Success appreciated. Faith challenged.
Passion treasured. Love reunited. Memories generated. Pain suffered.

Setbacks sustained. Many remembered. History created. Lessons engaged.
Hope rejuvenated. Trust earned. Friends united. Life lived. You advanced.

Here’s to more in 2015!
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December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas

Kneale Mann

Pogues | Kirsty MacColl

December 22, 2014

Leadership Humanized

I've done a rather unscientific study with colleagues, friends, and clients, and it’s clear many are taking a good look at their lives from all aspects – work, family, finances, love, spirituality, health, exercise, dreams – and making a plan to improve what is needed and move away from what is not helping them.

We need to take full responsibility for our behavior in all aspects of our lives and with whom we share. And the old adage you can’t bring your life to work is hopefully taking its last few gasps of life. Bring all of you to all you do or don’t bother.

Eyes Forward

While you reflect on this ending year and the start of a new one, take a few steps back and give thought to the people on your team and in your company; the people in your life who are enriching it and those who may be holding you back.

I have a friend who says she hasn't dreamed or created in a while. I would challenge that she may not have given herself the belief to act. Perhaps that’s what we all need right now? If we want a successful 2015, we need to stop the busy and start paying closer attention to the humans around us and most importantly ourselves.

The results may blow us away.
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December 18, 2014

Let's Keep Searching...

Since 2001, Google has put together the highlights of the year in the spirit of our time or Zeitgeist. This year, they did something very different.

Watch this then share it.

2013 to 2001

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December 15, 2014

Resolutions and Reflection

The calendar year is drawing to a close so it’s only natural we think back on what went well, not so well, and the lessons we learned, while preparing for that magical turn of the year for new ideas, triumphs, relationships, opportunities, challenges, and more.

For me and many I know, it has been both a challenging and enlightening year. Perhaps only my perception, but it seems many are sifting through their lives for what makes sense, what needs attention, and most importantly, what can be improved to reach personal goals. Happiness and fulfillment seem to be a common theme more than material wealth or professional advancement.

What is your next want?

We get distracted by the ominous and often unclear goal of finding our passion and achieving our dreams. If you’re a regular visitor here, you know I think relationships are the key to all we do and where our most profound lessons and experiences reside.

There are people who have touched your life who would love to hear from you. You've been thinking about giving them a call while excuses and busy have kept you from doing so as time continues to pass. So this year while you are reflecting and looking forward, find a moment and give them a call. Some may be happy to hear from you and wish you well while others may surprise you.

What happens next may be just what you need right now.
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December 11, 2014

Relationships Are Not Easy

We are twisted complicated creatures. There is pressure to do well, meet deadlines, attain results, and all the while run to find some unattainable goal of success. We are trying to navigate relationships with each other and most importantly with ourselves.

Trust is key – that’s the deal breaker. Without trust, we have nothing. But in business, it’s not always easy to maintain. There is pressure to make a buck, increase market share, and win the customer. And in life, it’s difficult to keep that openness because of competing priorities and baggage from the past.

Easier Said Than Done

It might be unintentional but we measure those around us against those who used to be around us. We have layers to peel through and old habits to challenge in order to build stronger relationships in life and in business. But trust doesn't happen if we’re not trustworthy. This is work for each of us, not just the other person.

We all mess up. We stumble and make mistakes. So we must try our level best not to hold others to a higher standard than we are prepared to hold ourselves. And we should also realize there is no such thing as the moral high ground.

We can improve our relationships with open communication and fairness. I’d rather have a small handful of people in my life I can trust verses a roomful of people I can’t but is that really possible in our busy over competitive time?

That's up to us.
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December 9, 2014

Enjoy the Ride

One of my go-to songs is from a band called Morcheeba entitled Enjoy the Ride. There was a situation recently that made me crank it a few times. We spend far too much of our time looking back and looking forward and not enough time enjoying now.

Now is not always fun and the ride is certainly not always smooth – in fact, it’s often quite bumpy. But if we pay more attention, we may stop chasing shadows in our work, our companies, our relationships, and our lives and enjoy this ride.

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Morcheeba | mickym77

December 5, 2014

Making More Mistakes

There is ample theory that we don’t try many of the ideas we want to try because we fear failure or success. Economist Tim Harford explains why we need to make better mistakes and not assume we know the answers.

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TED | Tim Hartford

December 2, 2014

The Season of People

Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s impossible to miss the annual onslaught that is the Christmas season. The stores are filled with brightly colored signs and packages, the websites are littered with Holiday specials, and seasonal music is everywhere.

This is the season of parties and get-togethers and – to some – the dreaded company gathering. The mood can be a bit lighter. You may be getting together with clients and customers for a celebratory lunch or beverage. And things may slow down just a bit.

Take a Moment

While you are lifting that cup of cheer, remember one important element which is the people you work and collaborate with because without them, none of this would be possible. That’s not just an overused cliché, it’s the truth.

For many I know, this has been a roller coaster year. Perhaps for you too. Take a moment, take that well-deserved breath and thank the people in your life, on your team, at your workplace, and yourself for a job well done. And let's remember this in a few months when busy gets in the way of the important stuff.

And please celebrate responsibly!
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