November 12, 2022

Fake News and Other Opinions

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word belief as; an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Oxford defines the word opinion as; your feelings or thoughts about someone or something, void of proven fact.  

Which side decides which belief or opinion is true? Is it the guy who uses ALL CAPS to make his point? Is it the dirtbag who became president and when caught in a lie, doubles down with another lie? Some won't accept a fact even with overwhelming evidence if it doesn't serve their agenda. 

Facts are irrelevant. 

I believe US politics is a bit of a dumpster fire; you may not and that's cool. We do have to give kudos to the red team for their strategy of taking the win when they win but blaming all other humans when they lose. That's what five year olds do. What a spectacular way to get yourself out of every jam in your life. It's literally never your fault. Try it with your boss the next time you miss an important client deadline. 

Despite one shred of evidence, millions still believe the 2020 US election was stolen. Apparently if you call something a witch hunt and fake news long enough, some will believe you. If you don't get your way, apparently acting like a giant baby is the way to go. I live in Canada and it's like watching the WWE from the cheap seats.  

Many who start the rumor only care about winning at all costs. Their belief is irrelevant as long as they serve their opinion. But that's just my belief and opinion, of course.

I'll get the popcorn.

November 2, 2022

Chicken Little and Ten Bucks for Butter

If you consume news at all, you know the general tone is fear and concern. The pandemic is far from over despite full stadiums at sporting events and airports no longer asking about covid symptoms. The world's population is about to go over 8 billion and there are about half a million or so new cases every day. Some would said that is a small percentage; I say it's lot of people.

The affect of the pandemic is showing up at the gas pump, the grocery store, and everywhere else we buy stuff. The "R-word" is dominating pontificators' commentaries while we pay $10 for butter and in my country of Canada, somewhere between $1.60 and $2 for a litre of gas.  

It is strange that almost all of my clients are desperate to find employees and yet the news reports say we are in a financial crunch. Perhaps millions have opted to try and become a TikTok star in lieu of actual work?

Meanwhile this happened.

There have been 13 recessions since World War II which is defined by a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters. I'm not completely sure why that means we should run for the bunker for fear the sky may actually land on us.

Some of the companies which were founded during global recessions include; Disney, HP, Netflix, Microsoft, Uber, Pinterest, General Electric, HBO, WhatsApp, Ford, Revlon, Ocean Spray, IBM, Airbnb, American Airlines, Dominos, Instagram, General Motors, Hyatt Hotels, FedEx, and iRobot - which Amazon acquired this past summer for $1.7B. 

What about us?

How does that affect you and me while we live our lives, get by, and not fear our next paycheck is in jeopardy like it was over the past three years? Well, I'm still here to write this post and you're still here to read it, so let's keep going. 

While Chicken Little worries about the sky falling on her head, we have survived worse. We might have to drive less and eat less butter, but community has never been more important than it is right now. So while the experts opine about the next 12 months, perhaps we can do something to make life a bit brighter.

Ask someone how we can help them.
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