December 1, 2020

Bring the New Noise

It's with us constantly. Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Wash your hands. Stay at home. Don't watch that. Don't listen to that guy. That infringes on my rights. Oh we all need to shut up. 

My mom was born in 1937 and in her eight plus decades, she had seen it all but she hadn't seen a global pandemic in her 83 years but was just as vigilant about protocols until the day she passed in August. This is a woman who lived through the last world war, raised two kids on very little money, and sometimes worked three jobs. I think we can watch out for the other guy and stop our whining.

Our pampered whining needs to stop. Right now. 

It may take another year to vaccinate enough people for this virus to be conquered and we need to gather up a heaping helping of perspective and put the damn mask back on.

It sucks that we have to stay home and keep our distance and do work remotely and missing hugging our friends and not be able to attend concerts and take our honey out for a nice restaurant meal. Call a friend. Turn off the news. Watch something funny. Have a laugh. Make a delicious meal. And tell those you love that you love them every day. 

We don't know how this all turns out. I've had two covid tests so far and so far I'm clear. But millions have died and millions more will die. So wearing a mask seems to be a small price for the ability to miss the things we want to do when this pandemic is over.  

The alternative is much worse. __________________________________________________________________
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