September 29, 2015

Say What?

We all know we are flawed and make mistakes. We know we don’t have it all figured out. And we know there's work to do. But part of finding clarity is discovering the joy in work rather than the seemingly unattainable finish line. Purpose can often be more important than making quota or hitting numbers. And how long does the satisfaction from a "sale" last versus following your passion?

Clutter makes us nervous and stressed. It can derail us from our goals. Clarity will help you find your baseline and silence some of that unnecessary noise.

To gain clarity, here are five questions you can ask yourself:

1. What do you stand for?
2. What will you not do?
3. Why do you do what you do?
4. What are you prepared to do?
5. What will you stop doing?
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September 24, 2015

The Idea Begins…

It was 5th grade. I got my book report back from Mrs. Parrot. She gave me a B then wrote a long note on the back of the page below some of my doodling and writing. I don’t remember what it was about but I showed it to my parents and they were overjoyed. I thought they were happy I actually got a passing grade. I was the kid who got distracted by the squirrels and drifted off into my mind of imagination and worlds yet to be discovered. I was the kid who identified with Walter Mitty.

For most of my life, I’ve been called an extrovert but all the while I’ve needed my alone time to think and create and be quite and dream. I would facilitate a day long workshop and skip the dinner claiming I had emails to answer or another project to work on, but it was my time to unplug and get calm.

On the Air

I was a radio guy for more than two decades constantly surprised when a listener would remark on a new song I played or idea I shared. I was on the radio, after all, yet it was a solo experience in a studio talking into a microphone. I then got to build stuff and do more consulting and writing and teaching. I still felt it was a passion I followed alone. All the while, I have been speaking and writing about leadership, teamwork, culture, and our collective need to belong.

I was approached by a prominent publisher a few years ago and didn’t pursue it. There are beloved friends and colleagues who have encouraged me to pick it up again and give it a shot. I have finally shed the fear of it not turning out that well. And as I write this post – alone with my thoughts to then share with you – I realize it’s not about the success or failure of this idea, it’s the importance of doing it. My dad recently reminded me that not doing it would be a regret; a feeling he has often about the ideas he didn’t pursue in his life.

Keep Writing

Mrs. Parrot gave me an A+ on a short story I had written on the back of my 5th grade book report. She encouraged me to keep writing – I was 10! I had no idea at the time I’d become a writer, a coach, a consultant, a media guy, and all the while letting that kid who used to spend hours alone in his room reading books about far off lands to come along for the ride.

So yes, I have begun work on my first book. I don’t have a clue where this process will go or the result or the release date. I do know that sharing this with you will keep me on it and make it more real.

Thanks! I’ll keep you posted.
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September 22, 2015

Keeping Healthy Relationships

The stats are grim; more than half of our relationships don’t work out. Is it because the reason we started them isn’t solid? Could it be because they don’t meet our expectations or we fail to meet those of others? Yes. Maybe. No. Who knows.

We change constantly over our lifetime. Our goals shift and our desires alter. My theory on relationships – at work or at home, with lovers and friends – is it requires two willing participants to keep it going and remain healthy. We all mess up but with kindness, openness, and trust, we can get through a lot together.

Silos and Departments

You can see it when team members disengage. It is at that intersection where the work is required to repair and save a relationship. Resentment and scorecards can damage companies and personal relationships faster than losing a big contract or letting a customer down.

It’s the work we do in our relationships that creates great stuff. When the proverbial chips are down is when we find out what we’re made of and how strong we are together. It’s easy to get along when the sun is shining. We grow most during stormy weather. It's been said a thousand ways but experiences make us better. And those experiences aren't always rosy and fun.

Being Right. Being Kind.

Humility is tough to hold on to when we’re upset or stressed. When we hurt those closest to us, it hurts us too. I’m no Pollyanna but we need to do all we can to repair our mistakes and save the connection with a wonderful person in our lives, or gather our teams to solve a business issue.

The release we may get from storming out of the room or throwing our phone over a silly argument will subside before we get to our car. Getting quiet and figuring out why a relationship is in our lives is the key to resolving most – if not all – of our conflicts.

Our most valuable resources are our time and each other.
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September 18, 2015

Aim Less Shoot More

Over the past few months, I’ve been reflecting on the conscious and subconscious mind with regards to reaching goals. Your subconscious doesn’t give a rat’s tail what you say you want to do, it only cares what you actually do.

I have written hundreds of pieces on leadership, culture, teamwork, collaboration, communication, and strategy. It's easy to write about goals; it's kind of important to actually accomplish them!

So here are ten of them to keep me honest. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to write your ten. Then let’s get to work and stop talking about talking about it. As the late Jim Rohn said; If you want something, you’ll find a way; if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

• Spend more time outside
• Eat more veggies and less carbs – daily
• Write and publish my first book
• Listen more talk less
• Stop stopping myself from executing ideas
• Read more
• Do more charity work
• Finish creation of interactive leadership program
• Travel to Europe
• Spend less time on my laptop and my phone

Let’s go!
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September 14, 2015

Seeing Each Other

I've been looking closely at relationships lately. I've always found human behavior a fascinating topic but it seems to be something that has seeped into all aspects of my life in the last year or so.

How we communicate. How we look at the past. How we heal and grow and move forward. How we interact with each other. How we let others into our lives - in a deeply honest and open human way. How we create a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Dr. Starla Fitch has a look at relationships and how we see others.

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September 10, 2015

The Four P's of Teamwork

This has come up a few times in conversations lately so I thought it was time to re-post here. Anyone in marketing can recite the four P's which are product, price, placement and promotion. But how do the four P's apply to company culture and leadership?


Have you ever been to a sporting event or seen a live play or concert? Have you watched a great movie? Do you have any experience meeting someone else who is successful in business? Do you find motivation from people who show talent and prowess in a particular discipline? In each case, someone spent years honing their skills to make it appear effortless. Yet we are quick to criticize from the comfort of our 20oz beer mug in the 300 level. Now think about your skill set and what you can bring to any situation. Did you learn and execute all you know immediately?


If you enjoy writing, reading a good book may give you more determination to work on your own novel. You may know someone who went back to school and emerged with a whole new career path. Seeing others succeed may give you reason to study their process to improve your business.


It requires working nights and weekends, writing ideas on scraps of paper you later find in the laundry, networking well, reading incessantly while life blends with work. No successful person in history has gotten it right the first time. And no one does it alone.


There are many ways to be successful. What's important is to be organized and have a strategic plan. It is equally essential not to settle for good enough - that's what the other guys do. It's critical not to rest on the past or think we have all the answers, that's where danger resides. And it's okay to get a little messy once in a while, take some chances. And like the rest of us, you will make a lot of mistakes because that's where experience grows.

And let’s add one more – Purpose.
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September 7, 2015

Relationships Take Work not Labor

It’s Labor Day in North America, the day when most people take the day to breathe before the busy fall hits and kids go back to school and the stuff we pushed away all summer become realities again.

As we reflect on the summer that has almost passed and the upcoming fall, let’s reflect on the most important element of our lives – our relationships with each other. Money comes and goes. Jobs and homes change. But nothing can replace the important people in our lives in love, home, family, and work.

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September 3, 2015

Remembering Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a teacher, author, speaker, and motivator who was influenced by many of the masters - all the way back to the Buddha - passed away this week at the age of 75. He helped millions with personal and professional growth.

Thanks Dr. Dyer!

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September 1, 2015

A Dozen Ideas

• How is the health of our overall operation?
• Do you spend more than half of your time helping your team?
• Are you clear on what your company won't do no matter what?
• Can you be honest with yourself about your organization?
• Do you have strong financial leadership?
• Is your business plan clear, concise and executable?
• Can you clearly articulate how your team will successful compete their work?
• Have you removed all unnecessary meetings from everyone's calendar?
• How do you measure success other than revenue?
• Are you aware of all opportunities and the realistic outcomes of each?
• Do you have a strong sense of your people?
• Is each member of your team working more than 80% of their time on strengths?

How many are on your priority list?
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