March 30, 2018

Technological Leaders

Virtual teaming is one of the fastest growing aspects of business today and it will only continue to grow. In our executive recruitment agency, we work with clients and candidates around the world.

Enterprise leaders are overseeing vast teams of people across large geographical areas and sometimes many are working from their home office. In his TEDTalk a few years ago, Gary Kovacs discussed the pros and cons of living in a connected world.


March 26, 2018

We Need More!

The annual strategic meetings are on. The big boss says profit margins need to widen. The new product line has to help increase market share. The southwest division has to pick it up on sales results. The list goes on.

The desire for infinite monetary growth permeates the room. No one is allowed to say this may be a flat year because of market shifts and customer demands. No one would suggest business comes with ebbs and flows as does life.

More of more!

In the developing world, it appears the need for prosperity and material possessions is a core belief and desire. Do we really need the four bedroom house on half an acre? Will granite counter tops bring us nirvana? Are 34 dress shirts enough? Can profits increase infinitely? Will we ever have enough?

We know buying stuff keeps the economy going and all of us employed. We need to ensure we can sustain our lives now and into retirement but the desire for something that we can’t even define is creating widespread unhappiness and uncertainty. Perhaps the bigger decision is to figure out who we want to spend our time with and what experiences we want.

Or we could continue deploying the hope and wish strategy.

March 21, 2018

The Mind

We live busy lives; or do we make them busy? We have much to think about; or do we avoid not thinking about anything? The brilliant Alan Watts shared much wisdom during his time here. He passed away 45 years ago yet his insight still rings true; perhaps even more today. In this lecture, he discussed the complexity of our minds.


March 16, 2018

What is Inspiration?

You can find it in books, in music, in films, on TV and websites. It's uttered from the greatest minds of human history. If you look long enough, you can find it virtually everywhere. But what does inspiration mean to you? Does it inspire you to read about a rags-to-riches story or about someone overcoming physical challenges? Will it make you move into your truth if you view a movie where the heroine conquers all?

We know what inspiration is, but that isn't enough. We need to find a way to apply it to our lives, our situations, our challenges, or it's just a bunch of words. Inspiration is not likes on your Instagram post or followers on Vero.

words vs actions

One definition is; the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Another is; the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

So is inspiration simply taking a deep breath? I don't think that's enough. And I don't think it's enough to know the definition. I've often said –  and often forgotten –  that inspiration doesn't appear with balloons and streamers. It happens in small increments. It could be one word or a gesture or an image that pushes us forward.

I recently posted about motivation and maybe that's an important ingredient to inspiration. If we know what we want and know how to get it but don't move, what's the point? I can post inspiring words or we could go for coffee and I could offer some advice, but will that inspire us? Inspiration is a big word but it doesn't have to be zero-sum. It doesn't take the climbing of a mountain or landing that million dollar deal for us to be inspired. Often it's the small things that matter most.

rinse repeat

We look to heroes who have done great things which inspire us but in my view the application to our own lives is the critical element. I'm going through something right now I've been through before and the same fears have crept into my consciousness.

I'm not yet through it, but I've had to remind myself the steps I took the last time, take that deep breath, and move.

we are human

In 2014, Fortune posted a list of their 50 Greatest Leaders and though there are inspirational people here, they aren't without flaws or mistakes. So perhaps the key piece of finding inspiration is within ourselves and to discover it isn't a perfect path or one single action?

So let's keep listening to that music and reading those books and watching those movies because life is a series of mistakes and actions and inspiring moments we create. Let's inspire each other with those small things so we can get to those big things.

And let's celebrate those moments when they happen.

March 13, 2018

Beliefs and Actions of a Great Leader

He remains consistent. She makes people her top priority. He asks for help.
She manages up. He encourages differing points of view.

She ensures a collaborative culture.

He clearly articulates vision. She understands internal customer service is directly related to external customer service. He owns setbacks and shares victories.

She doesn't need to always be right. He knows it's not a straight road.
He knows culture will build revenue. She doesn't need to have the final say.

He eliminates favoritism. She sets realistic boundaries. He explains the tough decisions.
She remains fair. He doesn't manage, he leads. She holds herself accountable.

He holds the team accountable. She can apologize.
She leads by example. He possesses vision for now and the future.

She believes clear communication is critical.

He gives at least a quarter of his time to helping his people.
She challenges comfort zone especially her own.

He accepts full responsibility.
She remains humble but confident.

He gives great internal customer service.

She stays focused on goals not emotions. He shares the victories and the challenges.
He asks for the same efforts he gives them. She never stops learning.

March 8, 2018

Your Good Life

If we want to invest in "the good life", where should we put our time and energy? Robert Waldinger outlines riveting data from a 75-year-long Harvard study of adult life that continues today. It seems clear; a happy life is not measured by a larger paycheck, more stuff, higher investments, or financial net worth.


March 3, 2018


They say we have to do what we're passionate about and what will motivate us. Is that a job? A salary? A promotion? A career change? A new relationship? A new city?

To say we have to follow our passion isn't the entire task. Dan Pink looks at 50 behavioral triggers that motivate us.


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