April 21, 2016

Do As You're Told!

I once worked for a "boss" who felt compelled to remind people his title and raised his voice every time he didn't get his way like a five year old who can't have ice cream. Perhaps you've met this guy.

A lot is written and said about the power of human connection but we need to mean it and dig deep on it and live it and embrace it for real. No stakeholder will believe a well-crafted mission statement that says people are important if it’s not proven through action. You can’t pretend to care simply to get someone to do their job. Yelling guy did't care about us.

The human network is more vital than ever before. 

If you have kids, you have experienced a time when they defied you, acted up against your direction or disobeyed you. Discipline can be a justified response but what is the real issue going on? In the enterprise, if an employee has a temper tantrum, they are often reprimanded and sometimes dismissed. It’s not tolerated. But why is it endured when "the boss" flips out?

Your team does not want a boss. They don’t want to fear you. They don’t want to walk on egg shells around you. They need you to lead and help them grow. People will mess up, because they are people just like you. Your team will make mistakes, just like you. Your company will have challenges, just like you.

Your job title might be on the org chart and your email signature but if you feel compelled to remind your team what it is,,,

You've already lost the room.

April 19, 2016

31 Ideas That Can Change Your Life

Embrace there are many things you don't know. Focus on your strengths. Help something without their knowledge. Teach others. Waste no time with naysayers. Skip email for a day. Build a mastermind group. Take time for you.

Let others make time to them. Be known for something. Take your vacation. Collaborate. Surround yourself with people smarter than you.

Adopt an open-mind policy. Be true to you. Let your team take credit. Communication consistently. Say thank-you often. Learn from others. Identify specifically what you want. Don't compare yourself to others. Turn off your phone. Spend a day by yourself.

Believe in you. Do what you say you will do. Recognize the efforts of everyone on your team. Disconnect at least once a day. Don't pull rank. Take one think day every month. Pay it forward. Read and seek knowledge daily.
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