October 15, 2014

Finding the Quiet

Here are some interesting facts about how we spend our lives from Distractify.

Twenty five years is for sleeping. We’ll work about 10-12 years in real time. This is discouraging, only 48 days having sex – keep in mind, it’s an average. We’ll watch about 9 years of television. Close to 3 years cooking, another year cleaning, and just over 4 years driving our cars.

We’ll drink 12,000 cups of coffee, 48 pounds of tea, and a measly 14 days kissing. Tack on another year of our lives deciding what to wear, 8 years shopping, 5 years sitting at a desk, and we’ll swear about 2 million times.

Life Gets in the Way

Interesting stats but if the average person in North America lives just over 78 years, it doesn’t leave us much time for reflection. But we’re far too busy for that. We have stuff to do, places to go.

When was the last time you gave your team a few minutes off, during the day, at work, to just clear their heads? Yes, quiet time at work. Life is an instant yet we take so little time for ourselves. You just spent about a minute reading this post.

Give yourself the next one for some quiet.
Kneale Mann | People + Priority = Profit


October 12, 2014

What is Authentic?

The simple definition is something that is genuine; of undisputed origin. But we human types aren't simple. Or perhaps we make it complicated.

At an early age, we are told to set goals and focus on results as if life is simply a recurrent process of projects and tasks. It makes sense in the business world, I suppose, because we want a return on investment to show those who watch the outcome. And without revenue, business grinds to a halt.

In our fast-paced never satisfied reach for the next thing even if we haven't defined it world, is there room for authenticity? 

There are two sides to every connection; dad to son, co-worker to manager, supplier to customer. It takes both to create that authentic relationship. It's a heavy load to expect we can always find that in the interactions we have with each other.

Maybe there's far too much work to do, deadlines to meet, things to build, and products to ship, to find true authenticity. Perhaps we have to discover if we have the desire to find out if it’s possible.

I think it’s always worth the effort.
Kneale Mann | People + Priority = Profit


October 8, 2014

The Memes of Risk

Manage risk, financial risk, reputation risk, market share risk, relationship risk, shareholder risk, the risks of risks, the risk of focusing on risks, the discussion of risks, the endless what if's that stall our journey.

Perhaps we perceive it will be difficult or worse, not successful. We often fear our own abilities and guts to take that ride. One of the worst emotions I think we can possess is regret. The idea we didn't act on can often be the one that stops the flow. The safety of inaction becomes our comfort zone.

Risk often focuses on what will, would, or could go wrong. It's a preemptive strike, a proactive measure, to protect the outcome. The biggest risk is when we use it to endorse inaction. I know of what I write only too well. Maybe you can relate.

The biggest risk is the bet we fail to make on ourselves.
Kneale Mann | People + Priority = Profit

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