November 26, 2015


We have an average of 60,000 thoughts every day. Do we need milk? Should I call her? Did the presentation go well? Perhaps the parkway will be a better route? Thoughts after thoughts after thoughts that often overlap and drown us with indecision.

We have as many choices in a day as well. Yet we add more thoughts to our already busy brain hoping we can make the right decision each and every time. We don't listen to our intuition. We know what we want but we either don't think it'll work out or we continue to find reasons our logic may be flawed. Or worse, we try and predict the reaction of others.

Watch out for the Lizard

We call it a gut call. It comes from the reptilian complex in our brain; some call it the lizard brain. It's that burning feeling you get when you know you're right but then doubt creeps in. We may believe we're using logic but we're often not.

We get lost in the worry about judgement from others, concern of being ridiculed, or our own general hesitation. The late Alan Watts remarked on this in his lecture "Choices". Watch, listen, then choose.

Because you've already chosen.

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November 23, 2015

Speaking Our Truth

If you’ve done any reading on topics of self-improvement, Tarot, or the Buddha, you know about the importance of speaking your truth. Sure, sounds good, I’ll get right on that. But what does it mean?

I’m going through a program right now that has enlightened and shocked me on this whole topic. It’s exciting and scary, remarkable and uncomfortable. What the hell does it mean to speak your truth?


This is at our core, deep down past the conscious mind where that unseen bullseye resides. One of my colleagues said that healing is not unpainful and she was absolutely right. It’s tough to reprogram our behavior to align with what we feel is right and what we deeply want in our lives.

Speaking our truth can be messy. There will be causalities; most of which are truths you’ve told about yourself your entire life. I’m a helpful person, I love others unconditionally, I enjoy being creative. Speaking your truth is deeper than that. It began before we were born. We have spent our life defining our truths aligned with what our parent taught us, what our teachers told us, and what our family showed us.

That’s it!

It hit me on a phone call over the weekend, mid-sentence, I found myself falling into my self-imposed traps of guilt and excuses. I had plans, I couldn’t change them for the request that was asked of me on the call and I said no. It was like a knife in my throat. How could I say no?! Well, I found the strength to do so.

But I let that guilt ride with me for a few more miles. I felt bad I didn’t drop my plans to help them. No! This isn’t about dishonouring others for your benefit; it’s about understanding who you are and being okay with healthy boundaries and a healthy relationship with yourself.

The toughest part about speaking our truth is letting go of the truths that we feel have defined us. When we do that, something profound happens.

Our truth speaks to us.
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November 20, 2015

Listening to Our Shame

The medical industry will tell us that stress is a killer. We worry and fret over money, our jobs, marriages, future, the list is long. The vibration of fear is around us constantly. It’s never enough; it needs to be more.

As I look closer at my own life path, I am seeing shame and judgement come up a lot and as I dig deeper, it seems to come up almost as much as stress. What is that? Well, it’s two things; fear of judgement from others and fear of judgement from ourselves. Humans are the only creatures who look back at our pasts and toward our futures, often to the detriment of our present.

I’ve had a blessed life, a fascinating career, and my share of difficult situations. Yet it’s those challenges I’ve been focused on which hold me back. That meeting went too long, I talk too fast, I should have, I didn’t, I wish I hadn’t, I didn’t make enough eye contact, I talked too much, etc.

My dad said it on a call this week; “How do your clients even know what you’re talking about, you talk too fast”. Thanks for the judgement, dad. I’ll carry that around for the next week. Actually, saying it then publishing it here is part of my journey of shedding the judgement of others, even my father.

We damage each other with our judgement; we crush ourselves with the same.

In 2011, BrenĂ© Brown shared her terrifying experience of having a stroke and inspired millions with her TEDTalk on the Power of Vulnerability. Here’s her 2012 talk about the unspoken epidemic of shame.

Be brave and watch this.

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New Book out in 2016 – Details soon!
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