March 24, 2020

What Can We Do?

When I launched this website 12 years ago, it was called One Mann’s Opinion. And since then, I’ve published 1500 posts which have all been my opinion.

As we all grapple with a deadly foe, no matter religion, country, wealth, status, gender, or age, there are a lot of opinions flying around. And yes, this piece is my opinion, so feel free to carry on or read on.

Media v Message

Through information, misinformation, and noise, there is one current opinion of the scientific community that seems to have significant weight – we don’t know how this is going to go and the only current way to stop it is through a yet-to-be formulated vaccine.

A vaccine takes years to formulate, test, develop, and distribute, but the scientific community has been given the all-points bulletin to accelerate that while countries’ licensing boards have opened the doors. Several dozen companies have identified a vaccine candidate, and some have begun human testing.

When a valid vaccine is developed, it will take 12-18 months to produce a global supply, so let’s let the brightest minds of science work on that for all of us while we do our part.

In the Meantime…

In short, we need to stay home and when we are out, keep our distance, work together, show profound kindness toward each other, and understand no one is immune. No one.

None of us can guarantee we won’t be laid off. None of us can guarantee this will be a short wait. The only thing we can do is avoid physical contact with each other to flatten the curve. It has been proven in small cases around the world already. It won’t eradicate the virus, but it could slow its scourge.

There is no Spin

Some have reminded us of historic events like this, but it would be difficult to find one this far-reaching. There is no room for ill-advised or ill-informed opinions, especially from world leaders, but that hasn’t stopped a certain “leader of the free world” to continue to spin his opinion which will continue to endanger lives.

Leaders need to lead, and currently, we all need to be leaders. There is no room for hoarding or selfishness; but there is plenty of room for caring and carefulness. Many have opined this will forever change human existence. Some of us feel it has already.

Be safe. Be careful. Be kind. Be human. Namaste.

March 3, 2020

Company Culture | Seven Step Program

As much as it’s cool to have exposed brick, a foosball table, catered meals, and lattes at 3pm, those won’t ensure your company has engaged employees who will do passionate work. Culture is much deeper. It’s a feeling and an instinct that can’t be forced or faked. And it requires daily upkeep from everyone.

Here are seven considerations to make your company a great place to work;

Give – No matter the survey, compensation always makes it into one of the top reasons people stay or leave a company. But if money is the number one concern of employees, you have a serious issue. Pay people properly.

Define – What makes people want to bring their best every day and feel appreciated? If you can’t explain it in a sentence or two, dig deeper.

Value – What does your company stand for and what won’t it do? Two significant questions that seem easy enough to answer yet most struggle with them. We want to be a part of something that aligns with our values.

Open – Not all decisions can be made by committee. In fact most people want leadership to guide the way, but keep communication open enough for people to feel you genuinely want their input and ideas.

Stretch – Departments are created for a reason. Sales focuses on revenue while product design improves the offering. But don’t box people in so they can’t offer input to areas where they might not be subject matter experts.

Lead – From small companies with a handful of employees to the Fortune 50, the relationship people have with their direct report and the people closest to them in their day-to-day work experience, will be the single biggest reason they stay or leave. Model the behavior you want from others.

Together – Teamwork and collaboration are a core elements to great culture. We want to belong and contribute so afford everyone the chance to do both.

Like trust, respect is earned not mandated by an org chart. So if you want great company culture, create an atmosphere of authentic respect and trust.

Then watch what happens.
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