April 29, 2008

Can I Help You?

Customer Service; most people want it, few expect it.

Think back to the last time you were in a retail setting and received REAL customer service.

We can't lose focus on the goal of any business – to get more business and to keep clients happy. However, there is a big difference between service and servitude. The customer is not always right. At times, they aren't sure what they need or want.

I've been calling companies to get quotes on some stuff around the house. The first place called back after a week and said they could come and give me a quote "right now". Well I was busy "right now" but we arranged a future visit. The second one was back to me promptly and did the quote two days later.

The third company called me FIVE TIMES to get my address. Each time, the guy who called (same guy every time) informed me or my voicemail that he works at the other end of town and someone else would call. I finally received the call from the "other guy" who didn't have a clue where my area of town was and despite numerous explanations was no futher ahead. Suffice it to say, I informed him that his quote wasn't necessary.

We give much too much time to those who give us bad service.

The next time you get good customer service, tell everyone!


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