June 20, 2008

Fridays Count Too

I remember what my Grade 10 math teacher used to say when we were acting up in class at the end of the week: "Fridays count, too". He also used to say "Math is not a team sport", but that's 'cause he usually caught me “getting inspiration” from my peers during exams.

The point of "Fridays count, too" represents a tremendous competitive advantage you can have over your competition.

It holds true in countless examples. Think about how most people structure their day. They get in around 9am, have a coffee, check e-mail, make a few calls, yak in the hallway, maybe have a meeting. It’s now 11am or noon.

If they have a lunch, they get back around 1-1:30pm, check e-mail, yak in the hallway, grab an afternoon coffee, and it's mere hours from quittin' time.

I am not the cubicle type at all! I don’t think people should set in their fattening pens and type away all day – that kind of office space makes me wanna hurl. I’m a guy who would rather wear jeans to work because it isn’t about dress code, it’s about the ideas and the work.

But it is work so have a good look at how you structure your day and how your organization structures its day.

Do your meetings end with "who does what by when"? Are people given the space and tools to truly be creative? Does everyone have a clear vision of the game plan or how they can contribute? Are you maximizing everyone's strengths?

And perhaps on Friday afternoons - when your competition is taking an extended lunch or on the golf course - you can make your next move?

Or take the day off, and meet up with your competitors in the club house.


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