June 21, 2008

Saturdays Count Too

It’s never easy waking up early in the winter. The few dozen times I've had to host a radio morning show always came with the requisite three-alarm system that rivaled the CIA security code required to enter a washroom at the Pentagon. That exercise was doubly painful in February. Cold dark winter vs. warm toasty bed. That is why morning guys make the big bucks. So says the theory.

If you haven’t tried to wake up at 3am in February in a while – and yes, it is much different than being up or going to bed at 3am – let me assure you, it’s not much fun.

But this morning, the sun woke me up at 5:53. The first pot of coffee was half-brewed by 6:15. The house was filled with bright sunshine, the tunes cranked, coffee sipped, I almost called a friend but realized it was only 7:14am.

Instead, I listened to some perfect music for the moment. One song was The Verve - Lucky Man. It's bright and hopeful and I just let the rays warm my face while I enjoyed the prestine guitar and Richard Ashcroft's vocals wash over me.

Isn’t it funny that most of us can spring out of bed when we’re off to do something fun? During all my years of radio, the Tuesday morning shuffle has always been quite humorous. Sales account managers barely making the 8:15 with coffee in hand, half asleep. Then I’d get the offer from one of them for a 7am Saturday tee time without hesitation.

We spend a lot of our time and energy working and working on work and talking about work. Here’s an idea; grab a nice hot fresh cup of coffee, load up some of your favorite tunes on the player, put your feet up and LISTEN. No email, no books, no phones, no work.

Saturdays count too. I hope you enjoy yours.


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