June 16, 2008

Life’s What You Make It

I had a great chat with a good friend this morning about work, but most of all we talked about life. We talked about families and priorities and fears and wow it was pretty deep for a Monday morning! But it was a good chat – one most of us should have more often.

I am not suggesting we forget responsibilities, but I saw a guy the other day screaming at someone on his cell, while his kids waited to play.

Then there was the day I was looking at email at a stop light and I heard a skid. The guy behind me missed plowing into the back of my car by inches. After he was able to stop, I noticed him looking on the floor of his car. Then he was back on his Blackberry.

I wonder if both of us in the hospital or as the main attraction at a funeral was worth all that stress, possible injury and break dust. And I justified that my car was stopped before I got back to the important emails.

I'm not slammin' PDAs, but how many people are driving beside you with their head somewhere else? How many are in that ill-fated 3pm meeting with no brain cells left to concentrate? How many people do you know who have recently gotten a promotion only to realize the workload is just bigger and the hours are longer?

This is not the cynic guide to the working week – I enjoy working, I just think it's okay to call a friend once in a while and talk about life.


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