June 17, 2008

Most Want It. Few Expect It.

Think back to the last time you were in a retail setting and received real customer service. You were blown away. You told your friends. You didn't expect it.

I was just dealing with a service provider that boasts top notch service with the latest technology. Their website was down for hours and their help lines were flooded because their website was down. Servers crash – no one's immune – but it’s funny when it happens to a company that rests its reputation on this stuff.

We can't lose focus on the goal of any business – to get more business and to keep clients/customers happy. But there is a big difference between service and servitude. The customer is not always right. The customer has a need but doesn't always know what they want.

Imagine going into a car dealership and the sales rep has no idea what options are available on the car you want to purchase. There are other dealerships; you’ll walk out. Everyone has choice. If you are prepared to spend $30,000 on a new vehicle, you hope – you expect – the dealership is a cohesive business that gives everyone inside the organization good customer service in order to give you the same.

Ensure that everyone in your organization is sure of the game plan and how best to give customer service. If someone is unsure, take the time to show them. If not, your customers will walk out.


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