June 10, 2008


I just spent a week attending a funeral and various gatherings with friends to celebrate a life cut way too short. Haul out the clich├ęs but they all ring true. Life is too short!

It got me thinking about the end of my life - a topic I don't deal with all that well. I prefer to use the "la la la, I can't hear you" approach. But I am of the belief that a celebration is better than the alternative. When I go, crack open the beers on my behalf!

Death is sad – a life is usually cut short, but what is worse is not living while we’re here.

I just received news of a colleague who will not live a long life and will have a rough road ahead while he’s here. It’s horrific. We never know.

It’s interesting how your perspective can change in an instant. So often in business, problems stem from what are essentially silly turf wars. People feel wronged because they are passed over for a promotion, or someone else in the building received preferential treatment, or myriad reasons why we humans get all twisted up about irrelevant stuff.

So have a look around, the situation may not be as it seems. Someone may not be out to get you or trying to steal your job – they may just be having a bad day or dealing with life stuff.

As well, it seems we all have some degree of fear. That may be fear of failure, fear of what they'll think, fear of what may happen. What if that fear was removed by an immediate reminder that time is ticking?

Grab life by the balls and don't let go.

Have a great day!


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