June 24, 2008


I love words. As we all try unsuccessfully to keep up, the common thread is our need to belong. It was wrapped up nicely in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which is part of a paper he wrote entitled A Theory of Human Motivation first published in 1943.

We want to belong and communicate. Words are the most powerful way we do that.

As I travel in many circles, circles that are growing every day with the wild-wild west that is social media, some have found powerful applications for certain words.

Mitch Joel reminded me that one of my all-time favorite words is authentic.

Seth Godin springs to mind anytime I utter or write the word remarkable.

These aren’t slick marketing buzzwords – these are words that have been used in the right context and have become even more powerful.

Some of my favorites include; love, honest, interesting, passionate, dream, money, chocolate, and real.

Above the fireplace in my living room is a word beautifully carved in dark stained wood. One man gave it added strength, hope and meaning. John Lennon was only on this earth for 40 short years, but his mark will be felt for generations. He said it best with one word.



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