June 23, 2008

What We Need

My cell phone died this morning. I use that as the big umbrella word which covers everything – human error, dropping it, bad service patch, all of it.

When equipment craps out on me, there is no point in blaming anyone or anything but myself. It must be my fault; it must be something I did. It couldn’t be mechanical error, I’m a dufus.

We live with toys and technology. If it was about functionality; all cell phones would have a keypad, an ear speaker, a microphone, and that’s all.

But we have hundreds of options to choose from with cell phones. It's the same with computers, televisions, audio equipment, and the list is absolutely never-ending. As the cliché goes – as soon as you buy something – it’s obsolete.

Phones can flip, slide, be used to exchange emails, fry an egg, work documents, accept faxes, take pictures, record audio, and there are things I’m missing and things that are coming soon.

We create a need for our lives, and then we fill that need. Or we create a gadget then justify the need for it. None of us NEED a television screen the width of our “media room”. None of us NEED Bluetooth sunglasses. None of us NEED a moon roof in the car. None of us NEED Riboflavin in our breakfast cereal.

This morning I just NEEDED my phone for a phone call. Happy Monday.


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