August 19, 2008

Misguided Talent

I was at a coffee shop drive-thru and in the parking lot next to the place was a mechanic’s garage with a half-full parking lot of vehicles in various conditions.

On a large cube van, there was some very well done graffiti that simply said “Liar”. I’d love to know the story behind that artwork! But it got me thinking about something that pops in my head whenever I get a piece of junk email.

Just imagine if someone discovered that graffiti artist? Who knows, he or she may be the next Jackson Pollack?!

There are those who find joy in writing computer code which will turn in to a virus which will mess up computers all over the world. There is no glory; we don’t often find the author. Who knows, he or she may be the next Steve Jobs?!

And finally there is a large group of the population who seem to spend a vast amount of energy toiling away in cubicles and offices all over the world. These are well dressed people with hopes and dreams – in some cases dreams that have been dashed by the mother corp. They show up and swipe their card and eat their lunch at 12:30 and keep their head down and get that report done in time. How many are there in your organization?

There are those who enjoy defacing others’ property or writing computer viruses but for the most part there is a lot of untapped talent out there right in front of us. Look around at who you work with, he or she may have next great idea.


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