August 18, 2008

Travels & Tribulations

On the road again this week which has made me think…

Where did bumper man expect me to go when the tracker trailer was inches from me in the other lane? Why can’t the lid of your coffee cup stay put when you’re in the car trying to answer email …I mean, drive?

Could it possibly not rain the moment I get out of the car to unload my luggage into the hotel? Why do they tout GPS on my wireless device? It’s a tad tricky to navigate whilst operating a vehicle. Oh, you’re supposed to do that before you get in the car? Gotcha.

Is it possible that before I shuffle off this mortal coil, I will be able to secure a parking spot which is actually close to the meeting? What ever happened to the seminal 80’s goth syth super group This Mortal Coil?

Why does someone in the meeting always feel compelled to utter the rhetorical question “did you find the place okay?” My answer is usually “no, I got lost despite your meticulous directions”.

If you’re on the road this week – safe travels.


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