August 3, 2008

Socialite's Lament

Okay fine, I did it. I signed up to Delicious. They just redesigned the site, solidified the name and I’m in. I haven’t done anything yet, but I have a profile – yay me. Thanks Mitch, for reminding me that no matter how I try I will never keep up.

Do you feel that way sometimes? You have all your social networking profiles, your blogroll, your own blog and possibly your own podcast. It's a full-time job just to keep your sites updated while trying to stay on top of others.

Does this sound familiar? How do you expect others to read your profiles, blogs and listen to your podcasts while you try and stay on top of those you follow? I guess you took the time to read this blog – oh great, now I have to write something wise.

I have profiles on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, and I’m forgetting a bunch. If you’re like me, you find yourself checking these profiles to insure you are keeping up your side of the social networking bargain but how much time to you have to check others’?

I was at a convention in Los Angeles a few years ago, and during a coffee break we were all standing in this gorgeous outdoor terrace. At one end was a long table with various beverage choices and a selection of goodies. I was fixing myself a coffee while enjoying a beautiful spring day. I then heard a voice from across the patio; “Dude, you’re out of uniform!” I turned and saw about 15 people standing around in a circle, all checking voice mail and email.

It’s okay, I’ll be out of uniform once in a while.

But, I should check email first.


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