August 4, 2008

Road Trips

I’m on the road the rest of this week and at the time of this writing, I have not packed yet. I have been on a myriad, a gaggle o’ road trips in my life. If I calculated, I would probably tally up close to two years worth of nights in my life spent in a hotel on the road. You think I’d get good at this. Perhaps you go through the same thing. What to pack. You want choice, you want to plan things, but worst of all – you don't want to over pack!

These days, you usually need your laptop and cell or PDA; several sets of clothing depending on the length or nature of the trip and – if you’re like me – a few extra things, just in case.

Why do I end up with a week’s worth of crap for a short business trip?

I admire my buddy Mike. He somehow knows exactly – to the t-shirt – what to bring on any given trip. I’ve known Mike for a long time; you think I’d learn from him by now. He’s also the guy to shop with on the way to the cottage because he can calculate every meal, all snacks and adult beverage consumed by five guys for a fishing/golfing weekend - with no waste.

Business casual is accepted in most companies. If you have a “business” lunch, it’s often enough to wear clean pressed clothes with good hygiene. That’s simple. Unless you work in banking or politics, the dress code policy is pretty loose.

Never has that been more true than when I return from a trip to see all my formal business clothes still packed at the bottom of the suitcase. Of course they will make the trek again this time because the trip you don’t pack that stuff, is the trip you need it.

I envy those people portrayed in movies from the future. Gone are dress codes, personality, choice, and individuality.

But it does solve the problem: four-day road trip, four red shirts.


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