September 4, 2008

It Was Historic

Last night, Gov. Sarah Palin made history speaking at the RNC as the first woman to be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. Geraldine Ferraro was Walter Mondale’s running mate for the Democrats in 1984. It’s sad that it has only happened twice.

It was interesting to watch the parade of VP wannabees shower the unknown Palin with accolades. You could hardly see Sen. McCain’s lips move and the fake smiles were barely visible. The GOP pundits and loyalists are all reading from the same teleprompter today. McCain says his VP must be ready to be President on Day One. Hmmm

It will certainly be an interesting election and everyone will undoubtedly be covered in mud by November 4th. The Canadian election will undoubtedly have much less drama.

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And today is historic for many reasons. As we spend countless hours on social networking sites discussing and sharing technological advancements, ideas, and information; there are some events that had to happen before we could update our Facebook status on cell phones or send digital pictures in an instant to Tokyo.

The first occurred on September 4th, 1882. Thomas Edison unveiled the first practical electrical lighting system. He launched it at his steam powered plant and was able to turn on the lights for one square mile in New York City.

On this day six years later, George Eastman patented his first roll-film camera and named his company Kodak.

Perhaps one day a woman will finally be President of the United States and it will be viewed as common as the light bulb and the camera.

In the meantime, Obama-Biden has a good ring to it.


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