October 7, 2008

The C Word

I have come to the realization that the monetization of content is akin to a category six hurricane. And it has just begun. We are all trying to figure it out.

We all want control of our environment. We all want to eventually make some money to pay our bills while we create content for each other. And all the while, the back alley is full of thieves whose sole purpose is to steal any content we create without paying for it. Yes, I do agree with sharing and the community, but this is about how we can all thrive together.

Content is as difficult to define as religion. I subscribe to three key elements with regards to content – it must be good, it must be interesting, it must be worthy of my time. The problem is that the beauty of content is in the ears and eyes of the beholder. We all want different things.

Scott Kirsner is the author of an excellent blog entitled Cinema Tech, a columnist with The Boston Globe, and a writer with Variety. Scott is passionate about technology, the entertainment industry and digital media which are a passions of mine as well. I am riveted to this stuff!

Scott recently spoke with Todd Dagres who is founder and general partner at Spark Capital which is a venture capital company in the digital media realm.

They discuss the entertainment industry and the c-word. This is an excellent conversation with two guys who tell it straight.

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