October 16, 2008

Possibilities Predictions and Positivity

With the Canadian election done and the American election three weeks away, trillions of words have been spoken, written and thought about government, the economy, and the future. I don't view myself as a futurist, I am a broadcaster and producer but from my many years of unscientific research – you and I have about as much luck at predicting the future as anyone.

So we have two choices – and not the la la la I can’t hear you approach.

Integration is one of my favorite words and it when it works, it’s magic. And to quote Obama last night, this is the worst economic time since the great depression. I live in Canada, but trust me no one is waltzing around this gorgeous nation thinking we’ve dodged any financial bullet!

As I talk with clients, partners and potentials, we discuss integration more and more. Sure this is about matching content with context and building the community but not just in entertainment where I preside most of the time. This is about (sorry for the centurion cliché) teamwork! But it's about teamwork on a much larger scale.

That sounds simple enough. It’s not. The human mind seems to adopt the negative much swifter than positive. But with open discussion and using how rather than no, when we feel ourselves slip can we should remember that we’re all in this together.


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