June 1, 2009

Content. Context. Community. (cont'd)

Money, That's What I Want

If you’ve been in the workforce long enough, you have probably been asked – formerly or informally – about your reasons for wanting to work in a certain industry or at a particular company. You may think that the number one reason most people cite is compensation but that is virtually never the case.

Clearly you want to make a good living but it must come with more than a good deposit in the bank account every two weeks. Don'cha think?

Ask a former Wall Street rockstar if it was worth it.

Guess What Happened To Me Today?

Think back to the last ten business conversations you’ve had. Now count up how much time was spent by anyone on work environment, coworkers in a negative light or lack of respect in the workplace verses real actual business chat.

What Will Make Us Happy

More widgets? More efficiency? Quicker turnarounds?

Or a co-creative environment of encouragement, strong internal customer service and personal/professional growth where your strengths and abilities are valued?

Nah, dumb idea, let's go with the widgets.


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