October 5, 2009


I was reminded recently of the importance of friends.

All too often we speak of friends, connections and followers in the same light.

Check out Chris Brogan’s post about being that sharing guy while trying to have a balanced life.

But this isn’t about social media spaces, this is about human spaces.

To my friends: Thank-you. Thank-you for letting me mess up and apologize and move forward. Thank-you for letting me in. Thank-you for your help.

Being human is tough sometimes, isn’t it?
But the good news is we have our friends.

Here are some cool quotes about friendship, feel free to add yours...

The most beautiful discovery true friends
make is that they can grow separately
without growing apart.
Elisabeth Foley

Friendship isn't a big thing,
it's a million little things.
Author Unknown

Friendship is unnecessary.
It has no survival value.
Rather it is one of those things
that give value to survival.
C.S. Lewis

Our most difficult task as a friend
is to offer understanding when we don't understand.
Robert Brault

Friends are relatives you make for yourself.
Eustache Deschamps

The most I can do for my friend
is simply be his friend.
Henry David Thoreau

True friendship comes
when silence between two people
is comfortable.
Dave Tyson Gentry

Only your real friends will tell you
when your face is dirty.
Sicilian Proverb

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