November 16, 2011

Make People Your Priority

Is it a midlife crisis? Is it an identity crisis? Some go through it several times. This is not about getting to an age where you buy a sports car to rekindle your youth or run off to join the circus. Though it could.

This is at your core and is suddenly right beside you with a two-by-four that smacks you right in the skull. The brave face masks our fear. We may fool others but we don't fool ourselves. The uneasiness fails to subside as we plow through on all the things we should do while we ignore what we want to do.

We humans are unique to any other species because we have the ability to reason and can analyze and solve problems. But that constantly gets us into trouble. Justification for not moving forward on an idea or embracing others' input on a project can always seem to be explained in our clever minds. And this logic infiltrates our businesses, our work spaces and our team environments.

Are We Superior? 

One could argue we create more than we solve. We are the only creatures that worry about what if, then and next. We are also the only beings that are concerned about having a purpose and regret.

We want a legacy, we want our lives to mean something yet we seek approval from everyone but ourselves. If we can’t see it, no amount of awards or money will be enough. Without that feeling in the gut, increasing revenue can only sustain us on its own for a short time.

What's Next?

Dogs do not concern themselves with that incident last July when they didn’t catch the ball on the first bounce. Cats waste no time worrying about your opinion of them. Birds fly void of any concern they’re doing it wrong. Yet we spend considerable amounts of our precious time worrying about what happened, what’s about to happen and what might happen. We spend far less time on what is happening right now.

We are not drones performing sufficient duties to deliver satisfactory results to the revenue line. We are people. We have hopes and fears and dreams and desires. And so do those working with us. This is not to suggest your company should be a place where everyone holds hands and talks about feelings all day. But treating your fellow stakeholders like machines will create an environment that will hurt you.

Forget being human and business will suffer

Kneale Mann

image credit: wallbest
original: Jan 2011
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