April 16, 2010

Social Media? I Don't Get It.

What's Your Opinion?

Conversations seems to fall in to two camps these days. This week it happened in the same meeting.

On one side was someone having a discussion about the pros and cons of Twitter’s changes and on the other was someone who “doesn’t get it”.

You Are Right.

There are many business owners, managers, directors of not-for-profits and those in the public sector who fail to see the value of adopting channels that can be used to research their industry, decipher customers' needs and desires while direct competitors are doing it. That is their call.

If you don’t see the value, it has no value.

If you don’t understand why someone would “waste” time on all this “stuff” you are right. If your heart isn’t in it, no amount of stats will change your mind. If you want more evidence, here's an article from Fast Company.

Two conversations in the same meeting about Twitter. One person who is adamant about their feelings toward third party apps and promoted tweets while the other person simply doesn’t see the value of “wasting” their time.

Is it more important to "get it" or keep an open mind toward ways to integrate new opportunities for business growth?

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