June 11, 2010

Finding Your Voice on Social Networks

Their Way Is Irrelevant

Yesterday, I hosted a panel at Marcom 2010. The title was “Twitter: How to Engage, Connect and Be Authentic”.

The point of the discussion was not about twitter.com, it was about each person and their organization navigating the two-way online conversation. Great group, we could have spent all day talking about it.

Cave Drawings and Hieroglyphics

Social networking is as old as we have walked the earth but that is not what makes the news these days. The discussion is about a digital revolution that is giving control and customization to each and every one of us. Companies and organizations are grappling with this new two-way conversation. Some are mastering it while others are challenged by it.

We have the world in our pocket on smartphones. Any computer manufacturer in the game will offer a tablet solution by the end of the year. And no doubt there is a team working on audio versions for our vehicles.

We don't have our jet packs yet, but we have our voice and we have our choice.

Hurry Instant Now

This has given us the chance to connect to people worlds apart who share our interests. Businesses, not-for-profits and governments that have embraced it have found ways to directly connect with their constituents.

I spent 22 years in the radio industry overseeing everything from programming, promotion and marketing campaigns and performing on-air shifts. On the eve of my first time on the radio, one of my mentors gave me invaluable advice – find your own voice.

Same with Social Channels

It takes time to find your voice, connect and engage. So if you are unsure you should dig deeper or whether your company or organization should get more involved, start listening and learning.

Marcom keynote speaker Mitch Joel summed up by saying if your products or offering suck, social media won’t save you. So if you think that these channels will be your quick fix, you will be disappointed.

This has nothing to do with the number of followers or tweets you have, it has to do with you being you and digging in and mucking around like we all had to when we started.

Are you read to find your voice?

Helping you integrate all you do with all you do.

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