March 4, 2022

Boats and Neon Lights

The news reports say it's going to be the worst storm in the town's history. They predict over 50 feet of rain in the less than 24 hours. The sewers will be backed up, homes will be flooded, human life will hang in the balance. The warnings are telling residents to leave town immediately.

The authorities are feverishly going around town to gather up those who don’t have the means to do it themselves and all the while Bill has decided he is going to stay in his home and wait out the storm. 

Check the Forecast

A few hours later the rain is coming down in sheets. Bill is forced out of his home and onto his roof where the water is now five feet deep on his street. Two police officers in a motorboat come by to rescue Bill and bring him to safety. Bill declines their offer and proclaims; “My grandfather built this house. My father raised us in this house. And my family will stay in this house. I'll be fine because God will send me a sign!”

Several hours later, the water is now at Bill’s waist as he struggles to survive on his now submerged roof. Another police boat comes to rescue him and take him to safety. He again says; “No thank-you, God will send me a sign”. The rain intensifies as Bill tries to hang on, but half an hour later, he drowns.

Looking for Answers

Standing in front of the Pearly Gates, shocked and dismayed, Bill pleads to go God; “Why didn’t you send me a sign?” God replies; “Bill, I sent you two boats! What else did you want me to do?” 

We can often miss the help we need awaiting for some sort of divine intervention. The answers we seek don't arrive with neon lights and a map. Sometimes it's a dude in a boat offering a ride to safety.

This is not a story about religion; it's about paying attention. While we bemoan our lot in life, maybe we miss the very things we need to make the changes we want to make? 

Watch out for the boats.
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