May 12, 2008

Can I Help You?

No one likes to be told what to do. Humans do what they want to do, when they want to do it. But magic happens when we are inspired, moved, or motivated to create something.

Imagine you are shopping for clothes. The first store you go in to is a mess. There are garments on the floor, displays are crooked and broken, the floor is dirty, you can’t find your size and the sales people are barely breathing.

Your next stop is a place that just feels good. Music is playing, racks are neat, floor is clean, sales associates are friendly but not in a creepy-can-I-help-you before your second foot crosses the threshold kind of way. There's a good chance you'll give the place a shot.

Malcolm Gladwell calls it the Broken Window Syndrome in The Tipping Point.

There's too much choice, not to be the best. You cannot afford to be ‘okay’ because someone will drive you out of business faster than the Leafs will miss the playoffs next season.

If we don’t care, they won’t care.

Happy shopping!


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