May 11, 2008

For The Love of the Music

First things first - Happy Mothers Day!

Anyone who knows me for a minute, knows I love music. Anyone who knows me for two minutes, knows I'm a music pig.

There are ways for you to sample new bands.

MySpace took the lead with free downloads from band sites but most have strangely gone the way of the stream for some reason. There are still plenty of bands left offering up a sample of their wares.

Other places I visit include...

This is a music-head's dream! There are downloads, samples, streams, videos, reviews, and the supply of material seems endless. Like all new music sites, you take your chances because (newsflash!) not everything is good, but the discovery is worth it.

Like Pitchfork, there is a mountain of music stuff here. Click and enjoy. Check out the daily downloads on the front page.

Pure Volume
This is a very good looking site featuring an seemingly endless list of new bands. You don't always get a free download option, but you can still listen to disover.

Triple J
This is not a music site. This is the official site for the national radio service in Australia. But it's way cool! Get lost here for a while and if you dig deep enough to this page, you will see free downloads.

More another time...


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