May 13, 2008

Three Steps Forward

Sometime in the late 1960’s an experiment by the U.S. Department of Defence resulted in something called The Arpanet.

Its purpose was to share top secret information amongst Department personnel. It was a basic text-only service but served a need to share sensitive documents, quicker than any other option to that point in time.

There were no floating images, no colored banners, and no handy click through options.

Forty years later, many of us have several portals on The Internet and we can easily add bells and whistles to lure users into a pleasant looking environment.

I love the joke that illustrates today’s wired but impatient society. It’s about a guy standing in front of his microwave screaming “C’mon, I don’t have all minute!”

We’ve created this.

If you are a PC user – like me – you experience hang time that is the envy of any NFL punter. It happens all the time. Rebooting, refreshing, and talking to the computer.

It’s all because we want our floating images and pretty content …NOW! I think I’m personally responsible for breaking The Internet at least a couple times a day. Yes, you can blame me. But “ah c’mon!” usually does the trick, in case you have the some problem.

Gotta go, my page has finally loaded. That only took FOREVER!


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