May 5, 2008

Coaching From The Couch

I did it and I knew I was going to do it. I fell asleep on the couch. I tried to stay awake but was fighting a losing battle.

Game 6 between the Dallas Stars and the San Jose Sharks was not only the 8th longest in NHL history but one of the most exciting. Brendon Marrow ended it at 9:03 of quadruple overtime. That’s two full hockey games plus another nine minutes, or about 3am EST.

Perhaps you did the same thing – you watched six periods of hockey only to miss the entire reason you stayed up in the first place.

Coffee is my friend today.

San Jose was favored to win the series, but blew the first three games and coach Ron Wilson’s head was on a block, his office was being cleaned out by sports pontificators, critics, and analysts. They couldn’t lose in the 2nd round AGAIN!

A few days later, his team was one goal from forcing a 7th game at home. If they had done that and won, Dallas coach Dave Tippett’s head may have been on the block. What’s worse than losing the first three games? Losing the last four!

I’m a sports fan, sports analogies and clichés are often used in the business world which is especially annoying to the non-sports fan. Sport IS the analogy and the cliché. It is a mirror of life, teamwork, facing adversity, beating the odds, and never giving up.

We can turn things around in a matter of minutes, hours, days. What appears hopeless can become hopeful with a new perspective.

Wilson may still get the gas, but it was an impressive example of the ‘never give up’ mantra. Don’t fold your proverbial tent and don’t fall asleep on the couch – you may miss something.


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