May 21, 2008

Nice To Meet You

In the world of social media, I guess I'm technically an infant. I've only been doing this for about three years and yes, wolves did raise me. In the world of socializing with other humans, I’ve being doing it all my life. But some act like I have grown a second skull when I mention networking if they've barely mastered email.

Someone tweeted me a while back to commend me because apparently I'd become “quite the social networker”. Since I seem to be able to stick handle any social situation in real life, I don’t find it difficult in the virtual world.

But that’s the point – it isn’t a virtual world.

CC Chapman mentioned yesterday in his post Community Over Coffee the importance of human contact. After all, it is SOCIAL media, right? CC decided to meet up with someone he had connected with and do that in person ...over a cup of coffee. Shock horror!

We may be a ways away from coffee because of geographic limitations, but hello to some new connections; Meg, Alex, Christine, Matthew, Lori, Chris, Kim, Daryl, Tamera, Jane, Mark, David, Connie, Anne, Kim, Andrew, Charlotte, Dan, Kay

Nice to meet you.


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