May 19, 2008

What Happened?

I’m often asked why an organization simply isn’t working, why profits are down, or simply put – what’s wrong? There is usually some nasty stuff hovering under the surface.

I’m reading a great series from One Degree entitled The Four Step Model For Online Branding.

The author is Michael Garrity who launched CommunityLend.

Michael is direct, honest, clear and easy to follow. We don’t like eating our veggies and doing math – at least most of us don’t like those things. But it's necessary if you want to stay in business, to plan and to understand your market.

He outlines the specific steps you need to take and as a psychologist friend of mine reminds me often – you can’t skip steps! I’ve learned that as I build my brand. I’m still learning and that never stops ...for all of us!

When asked, I often see a few issues at play...

Attitude: Without a good solid team attitude where everyone on the team knows exactly what the goals are and what is expected of them, you are sunk. Lesser products, brands, services thrive while seemingly well financed great ideas fail because of attitude. And just saying it or including it in the shiny annual report is not good enough.

Clarity: You don’t need to spend all your time locked in board rooms devising endless business plans with no action. But you do need to set clear objectives that everyone is aware of or trouble will follow soon. One of my mentors says; “If they're not all watching the same movie expecting the same results, you're doomed.”

Cover Your Butt: Let this phrase sink in – “I am not here to cover my butt; I’m here to cover yours.” Try it. Help someone without any perceived benefit to you and watch what happens.

Quit Yer Whinin’: If someone is complaining about their situation within the company – find out if it’s a legitimate concern and honestly address it or a case of someone who just loves complaining. If it’s the latter, do them a favor and free up their future.


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