May 17, 2008


It’s the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada. A rite of passage for most is the May 2-4 camping trip.

This is when friends pile in to cars packed with food, camping supplies, and various hallucinogens for a three-day buzz fest.

This annual ritual only works if at least once during the long weekend, a downpour soaks everything and everyone beyond repair. After some time spent hovering in the cars, weather breaks and partying continues.

The first night is all about setting up as quickly as possible so you can get to said various hallucinogens. The mad scramble to pitch the tents, unpack the supplies, find firewood and claim your spot on the grass.

After a nutritious dinner of barbecued meat and any side dish will do if any, the party begins. Partying is a loose term for sitting around, singing, smoking, drinking, various hallucinogens, and the night is incomplete until someone burns an item of clothing or footwear in the fire pit.

Saturday morning is a haze broken with the first beer less than half an hour after waking whilst scaring up “breakfast”. That is followed by 17 hours of activities which mostly consist of ...more partying.

Sunday is a repeat of Saturday.

Monday is pack-up day, and seasoned professionals pack everything except only necessities just after breakfast. This is so partying can take place until the last possible moment before heading home.

A coin toss or some other type of scientific decision making tool is employed to pick the lucky drivers for the trip back to civilization. This leaves the rest of the group to take full advantage of their remaining time.

Ah yes, who needs a 5-star hotel and in-ground pool when you can sleep four to a tent after a day of drinking and bad food?

Happy Victoria Day Long Holiday May 2-4 Weekend, eh.


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