July 31, 2008


Gobs of time, web space, long distance charges, emails, txt msgs, social media correspondence has been used to discuss what many call “the new reality”.

It is not longer “new” – it is reality.

I just got off an hour phone call with a marketing guru and we didn’t talk about commerce, or how we could help make each other money; we talked about ideas and passions and music and what inspired us.

Often we seek knowledge only to share it with others. Magic happens when we share it with no expectation of it being returned. Money is not the end game, it never has been. I know – shock horror say every for-profit employee and company owner – but it isn’t. Money is our currency, but ideas have saved lives.

Over the last year, I have unconsciously built a list of mantras, phrases and words that I’ve realized I am using almost daily.

Seth Godin talks about how we must be prepared to be remarkable. If you’re not, who will care? Why should anyone care? Mitch Joel reminds us that authenticity must always be present. I merge the two because in order to be remarkable, you must be authentic.

The cynic in me says; people will do what they want to do when they want to do it. It matters not whether you scare them within an inch of being fired, they won’t do it if they don’t want to. The optimist in me says that’s a good thing, because like you I don’t want others to tell me what do to when they want me to do it.

My phone call this morning got me thinking about the infinite power of inspiration. If you are inspired, you will do anything you want. But if you can inspire others, the dividends are immeasurable.


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