December 7, 2012

Chaos and Collaboration

I was on a call recently with two partners in a company. One is detail guy personified and the other is all about the idea. They make a great team save when detail guy wants idea guy to be more specific, or when idea guy wants detail guy to figure it out and make it happen. Often the little things become large obstacles and they get stuck. Sound familiar?

Leadership is 25% products or services and 75% people and life.

You often see it in sports. Two evenly matched teams play each other to a lopsided result. Each seemed to have the same amount of talent and tools yet it wasn't enough to predict the outcome.

In that perfect world void of egos, job titles, org charts, and territorial battles, every relationship has open dialogue to deal with big things, little things, ideas and details. Once we embrace our differences, find calm in the chaos, and work as a team, we will celebrate more wins.

Easier said than done but it can be done.

Kneale Mann

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