August 27, 2008


I have been immersed in the social network for a while now and despite the fact that the theory behind has been around as long as humans have walked upright, the technology has allowed us to connect easier and more efficiently.

Over the last few weeks, I have had some remarkable conversations with old friends, new friends, and friends of friends – all because of connections or re-connections through portals such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

A lot has been written about the fact that these are simply conduits to get the discussion going and to share – there is no golden bullet to millionaire status. Thousands have blogged about the fact that none of this is about money. We all have to pay our bills and avoid an impoverished retirement but unlike the days depicted in the popular series Mad Men; it’s not about scotch and smokes at noon with the client and the age-old cliché when signing a deal “press hard, you’re making three copies”. That is antiquated thinking.

Akin to chat rooms or dating sites, social media can even the playing field and remove trepidation about meeting new people face-to-face. I remember when I began writing these silly blogs – I was worried about two things: would anyone actually care what I had to say and more importantly what was I going to say! I had people – some I hadn't actually met – assure me to just go for it.

We are eager to hear ideas. The important element of the connection process is to contribute to the conversation.


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