August 26, 2008

The Choice Is Ours

Recently a friend sent me an article about the future of television and the growing success of cable or specialty outlets.

I have always been fascinated by the never ending shift in what I call 'The 3 T’s': Tastes, Trends, and Technology. And what is most fascinating is the egg and chicken are ever present.

Does technology create new trends? Do audience tastes create demand for new technology? Do trends simply morph to whatever is available?

Ten years ago, there were no iPods. Now, Apple owns over 70% of the market in portable mp3 players. Did we need a portable music device that plays thousands of downloaded songs? No, but we don’t need chocolate ice cream either. Okay ...bad examples ;-)

It’s hilarious when a sensational story hits the news cycle – editors and producers scream on their boxes of soap about the public's need to know. Designers will spout the need to satisfy consumer pressure for new gadgets and advancements. Who creates this desire for the new shiny thing? Us or Them?

I like options, I’m sure you do too. But the next time you’re in an electronics store frozen with indecision over the azure or vermillion ear buds, mouth breathing at the Google screen, or frozen in front of the plasma for something to watch …remember, we may have asked for this.


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