September 17, 2008

Who's Buyin'? Who's Sellin'?

There are several absolutes in life; taxes, death, cockroaches will survive a nuclear attack, and you will always need sales account managers if you run a for-profit organization.

I love sales people; I’ve been one my whole life. So have you.

I’m not taking about the guy in the cheap suit selling you crap you don’t need whilst barely making eye contact because he’s on to his next victim. This is about relationships.

Other than perhaps heart surgeons or alligator tamers, we all need to sell. I would add they do too – you wouldn’t want some hack who barely passed medical school operating on a loved one or a sketchy dude handling reptiles. They both need to sell their abilities to you.

Sales happen every morning in millions of homes as moms and dads sell their kids the dreams that will be fulfilled if they get their butts out of bed and off to school. You and I do it every time we meet someone and they do it to us. If you don’t buy in to them, you won’t buy from them. The suit and the PowerPoint are secondary.

We have all met "sales people" – the types who always have the deal, will sell you the blue car if you sign today, have a better price than the competitor, they are a dying breed. The cologne is a nice touch, though.


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Glengary Glen Ross (1992)
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