October 30, 2008

Anytime After Now

Few among us have mastered the art of consistently making swift decisions and trust our instincts. The important word is "consistently".

You will notice that most successful people make quick decisions. They aren’t always right, but by the time you and I deliberate over moving an inch, they have made a second decision to correct their original one and made it right. Malcolm Gladwell's new book The Outliers discusses the character traits of highly successful people.

I once worked with a guy would spout the “ready shoot aim” approach. You do need to do some aiming before hauling out the guns. But we can all be guilty of the “read aim pause think wonder aim again maybe shoot” approach.

With the boomerang that is now the global economy, people are scared and cautious. I spoke with a colleague yesterday who said that he has lost 40% of his retirement savings in the last two months! That ripples in to businesses and business decisions.

Creativity is needed right now. Decisions are needed right now. Open communication is needed right now. Anytime after now.

Or we can hide and hope and make no decisions. Some brave ones will make them on our behalf and we won't be in the position to complain about the outcome.


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