June 13, 2009

Geek Vanity

The hour drew near. The tweets were heavy. What would happen as the clock struck midnight and millions of Facebook users hurried to change their long annoying address to a much easier and cleaner vanity URL.

Some looked on how like race fans hoping for a pile up on the chicane. Would the Facebook servers crash? Would they get their address? John Smith and Bill Jones were most nervous.

The nonchalant seem to have the fastest thumbs on their way to secure their first choice. I too sat there like a moron as the clock ticked 0days 0hrs 0mins and quickly grabbed mine.

Rules & Regs

Facebook reserves the right to disallow your choice if - for instance - you choose an expletitive or a brand that isn't yours, general terms like "social media" and "marketing" will be be taken back but from my unscientific research the experiement went better than the last big door crasher launch.

There's a Bit of Geek In All of Us

We geeks can be tough when it comes to things like vanity URLs and web interfaces. If you haven't done so and here's hoping your first choice is still available, simply visit http://www.facebook.com/username and good luck!

So, now what?

knealemann at gmail dot com

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