June 14, 2009

Remember Sunday

I don’t know what Sunday morning is in your life but I hope you get to steal some time for yourself or spend it with your favorite people. It’s a time to unplug, a moment or two to catch up with you. It’s your chance to find a place where money and deadlines are not welcome.

Sunday mornings should be about great coffee and rooms filled with music. A time to catch up on all those books piling up to the left side of your desk and the chair beside it. Not sure why I mention that ;-)

As I write this, the new Carbon Leaf album washes over my sundrenched office. The coffee is perfect. Stress? I no hablan Ingl├ęs.

Whatever you are up to today, may it replenish and inspire you.

And may you always remember Sunday as a place you can go - especially between meetings on a Wednesday.



photo credit: www.presentationzen.com

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