July 20, 2009

Do You Have Time For Ideas?

Monday 8:14am
The boss storms in to the sales meeting, stands by the door and yells...

"More calls!
More meetings!
Get out there!"

Then he slams the door.

Monday 8:17am
John slips the presentation back in to his brief case. It’s something he worked on all weekend after gaining the courage to make some suggestions on how the entire organization could increase revenue. Perhaps this is not a good time.

Tuesday 2:46pm
Sally asks Ron if he has 10 minutes tomorrow for a quick meeting. Without lifting his face from his PDA, Ron says he's booked solid for the rest of the week.

Tuesday 2:47pm
Sally returns to her desk demoralized for the last time. Her ideas will find a home elsewhere.

Wednesday 10:14am
Brian wonders if the client lunch could be out of the office for a change, maybe in a more relaxed setting.

Wednesday 10:15am
Brian is told that “we don’t do it that way here.”

Friday 5:18pm
While the boss is off to his cottage for the weekend, Nancy meets with a new company that wants to hear her ideas.

Do you make time for creative ideas?
Do you encourage more?

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