July 17, 2009

Connections, Followers and Other Humans

If you have spent some time in the social media space, you might have discovered that it’s no different than real life. There are spammers, scammers and scrammers. There are fantastically talented people. There is a multitude who you would never had met otherwise – or as my friend Lisa Hickey calls it – accelerated serendipity.

Clarifying the Definition

Media is simply the plural of the word 'medium'. And social is another word for human connection.

The medium is irrelevant, the connection is everything.

Human networking has been in existence for as long as we have but the tools and sites, profiles and walls, tweets and connections have shrunk the world to the size of our computer screen.

It's available in 17 designer colors.

But if all we do is gather friends like dust collecting trinkets on the mantle, we will never activate the immense power of the lives we are touching.

Here’s something you can try, actually stop and engage someone, ask to speak with them or go for coffee, share ideas, let them get to know you and whatever you do – put the sales pitch away!

What do you think of me?

What is your reaction to someone who comes up to you in person and starts barking their deal at you and shoving their card in your face? Yeah, me too. So why would you do it online?

In order for someone to add you on a social media profile, they need to take a second of their lives to decide to say ‘yes’. There are millions of these occurrences happening right now. You may do several - or several hundred - today.

The question remains: Then what?


Let’s create experiences, not campaigns.

image credit: officecafe.com

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