July 7, 2009

Thoughts about Martin Streek

March 1985

I was at CFNY for a job interview and in came this loud powerful presence with long thick curly hair. He walked right up to me, inches from my face and said “So, you wanna work here?” I choked down a breath and said “I do want to work here”. He said “let’s see if you know your stuff. What label is Killing Joke on?” I had hit the jackpot because I had bought their latest album that week and I knew the answer. That my first encounter with Martin Streek.

Martin wasn’t doing the interview, he just felt a great responsibility toward the station and wanted to insure I would pass his high standard.

Twenty-Four Years and A Lot Of Memories

That began my relationship with Martin Streek which lasted more than two decades. Over the years, we shared the microphone and the tour van on the way to CFNY Video Roadshows and various EdgeFest and other festivals.

What I loved most about Streek was his sense of humor – he was hilarious! He had such quick wit - tears in the eyes, gut splitting, funny guy.

Martin was the consummate host.

Anytime you were at his place you didn’t go hungry and there was always fresh ice in your glass. He loved to entertain and he did that for a living as well.

I last saw Martin a few years ago and we had a day to ourselves. We drove around, talked candidly about life and the radio industry, played some new music in my car, went for a great lunch and that day will always make me smile. Martin was in fine form and we truly enjoyed the time to catch up.

Martin Streek died yesterday.

That was tough to write and tougher to read.

The outpouring of love began on all of the networks moments after the news hit. As I write this, the shock hasn’t hit and perhaps never will.

As the world looks to a much more public memorial today, my thoughts will be with the Streek family and if you include all of his friends and colleagues – it's a big one.

To the man who called me knealeman, cheers MCS!

I will crank some NiN and Ministry in your honor, sir.


photo credit: flickr.com/photos/mbake

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